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The program OmniFocus is one of the best (and most complex) task management applications for Mac (not available on Windows). Here, you’ll find links to all our articles and tutorials about how to use OmniFocus to increase your productivity and manage your time.

Full list of Omnifocus articles, tutorials and screencasts

  • Simple Task Management. This is our foundation-level primer that explains the 101 behind how you should be organizing your tasks.
  • OmniFocus Series Part 01: Getting Started with OmniFocus. Aaron introduces our fictional case study, Tom Jenkins, and shows us how he would help Tom set up OmniFocus for maximum productivity.
  • OmniFocus Series Part 02: Getting Started With Omnifocus. Thanh provides an alternative (and equally efficient) view of how to structure your OmniFocus projects, tasks and contexts.
  • OmniFocus Series Part 03: Working with OmniFocus. Aaron outlines an alternative to the standard GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology.
  • OmniFocus Series Part 04: Working with OmniFocus. Thanh shows you how you’re supposed to use GTD (Getting Things Done).
  • OmniFocus Series Part 05: Perspectives. Aaron introduces the idea of custom perspectives and provides some useful perspectives that you can implement right away.
  • OmniFocus Series Part 06: Perspectives. There are lot of types of Perspectives you can use and here you can find many of them you can use right away.
  • OmniFocus Series Part 07: Workflows and Devices. Aaron shows how you can use the iPhone, iPad and Mac together and in sync with Omnifocus.
  • OmniFocus Series Part 08: Workflows and Devices. Thanh shows how each Apple devices has a different function within a workflow.
  • OmniFocus Series Part 09: Advanced Tips and Tricks. Aaron shows you how to make the most of the often-missed features of OmniFocus.
  • OmniFocus Series Part 10: Advanced Tips and Tricks. Thanh shows you even more ways to do things faster with OmniFocus.
  • Advanced OmniFocus Functionality. A quick set of videos that outline some ninja OmniFocus tips and tricks.
  • How to Handle Email with Omnifocus. Integrating email into your workflow is essential for every modern knowledge worker and here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.
  • Integrating Omnifocus with the Pomodoro Technique. If you like using time boxing techniques like the Pomodoro Technique, here’s a guide on how to integrate it with Omnifocus.
  • Prioritizing tasks with the ABC method. Being able to prioritize your tasks in Omnifocus might seem impossible, but it is possible. This articles explains how you can do that with the ABC method of prioritization.
  • Goals and Task Managers. How to implement goals and a morning ritual in OmniFocus.
  • OmniFocus and Evernote. How to use OmniFocus (task management) and Evernote (digital filing) together for task management and reference heaven.
  • Agile Results and OmniFocus. How we recommend using OmniFocus to implement Agile Results.
  • An In-Depth Review of OmniFocus. Thanh gives his opinion on why we think OmniFocus is the world’s best task manager.
  • How to Automatically Transfer Evernote Notes to Omnifocus. A simple trick for getting items from Evernote into OmniFocus.
  • How to Manage Your Dating Life with OmniFocus. How to manage your (girlfriend, spouse, children, boss, co-workers, network contacts) with OmniFocus.
  • Tricking Out Your Repeating Tasks in OmniFocus. How to use repeating tasks in OmniFocus, and what each of the repetition options actually means.
  • OmniFocus is too expensive! Thanh shares his views on why OmniFocus is worth the price, and why it isn’t for everyone (just those who really want quality task management).
  • What People are saying about OmniFocus Premium Posts. Some reviews from around the web about our guide to using OmniFocus the easy way.
  • OmniFocus for Groceries. A preview from OmniFocus Premium Posts, about how to use OmniFocus to manage your groceries and other simple lists.
  • OmniFocus 2 Debut. Pictures, video and coverage from The Omni Group’s OmniFocus 2 Debut event in San Francisco, January 2013.
  • Conditional Action Groups. How to implement if-else logic with your tasks in OmniFocus.
  • OmniFocus HotSpot. How to Drag, Drop and Forget Files with OmniFocus and Hazel.
  • How to Sync OmniFocus with iCal (Apple Calendar) and BusyCal. Title says it all.
  • 10 Quick OmniFocus Tips. 10 quick tips for using OmniFocus like a pro.
  • How to integrate OmniFocus when you have to use Windows at work. Some easy ways to keep OmniFocus in our workflow despite having to use Windows at work.
  • Asian Efficiency visits The Omni Group. A sneak peak at where they create and code OmniFocus.
  • How Do You Clean Out an OmniFocus Database That Just Simply Became a Dumping Ground? How to reset your OmniFocus setup.
  • Tasks, Projects and Appointments – What’s the Difference and Why Do I Care? An important distinction that most people fail to make about tasks, projects and appointments.
  • 2 Simple Steps To Using OmniFocus for Meeting Notes. How to use OmniFocus for office meetings.
  • 10 Reasons Why OmniFocus is The Best Todo List App. Thanh explains why OmniFocus may just very well be the best todo list app – ever.
  • OmniFocus 2 for iPhone Review and Video. Thanh reviews OmniFocus 2 for the iPhone in a behind-the-scenes video.
  • How do I stop accumulating stuff in OmniFocus that never gets done? Why the 2 minute rule is so important for using OmniFocus.
  • Ordering Tasks the Way You Want Them in OmniFocus. How to order tasks in a specific custom order in OmniFocus, using 3 different methods.
  • 5 Ways to Reboot Your OmniFocus Setup and Start Over. Want to start over with OmniFocus? Here are the 5 best ways to do it without a lot of hassle.
  • Simple Data Isolation for Reducing Distractions and Increasing Productivity. Find out how apps, infographics, reports and task managers make you more productive and help reduce distractions.
  • The Quick and Dirty 5-Step Asian Efficiency Task Management Rescue Process Revealed. 5 Easy steps to rescuing any task management system (including OmniFocus) that has raged out of control.
  • How do I see my completed tasks in OmniFocus? How to work out what you’ve accomplished everyday in OmniFocus.
  • How to Set Up Personal and Work Rituals in OmniFocus. How to work with rituals in OmniFocus.
  • How to Manage Checklists with OmniFocus. Thanh explains how simple (and complex) checklists can function in your OmniFocus setup.
  • How to review reports (and other recurring tasks) with OmniFocus. Another way to use recurring tasks in OmniFocus.
  • How to Setup and Use OmniFocus as an Agenda for Meetings. How to use OmniFocus to build and run your meeting agendas.
  • How do I stay on top of OmniFocus projects when I’m waiting for someone else? How to use a Waiting On perspective based on waiting contexts to keep all incoming tasks in one place.
  • How do I get OmniFocus to remind me of my daily rituals when my schedule is always different? How to map out and chart the correct repeating tasks schedule when you have an irregular schedule.
  • The Differences Between OmniFocus 1 and OmniFocus 2 for Mac. Thanh goes over the big differences between OmniFocus and OmniFocus 2 for Mac at time of launch.
  • OmniFocus 2 Contexts and Perspectives Explained. How contexts and perspectives differ and how you can use them effectively.

The ten-part article series introduces a fictional character (Tom Jenkins), and the Asian Efficiency team give their perspectives on what the best way is to getting started with Omnifocus. Topics include:

  • The best way of setting up Omnifocus with structures and areas of responsibilities.
  • How to apply Getting Things Done (GTD) or how to make your own workflow.
  • Creating custom perspectives (next actions, today list, and more).
  • Using Omnifocus on iPad and iPhone in sync.
  • Cool tricks and advanced features.
  • Managing email tasks with Mailplane and Apple Mail together with Omnifocus.
  • How to use OmniFocus with Agile Results.

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Where to get OmniFocus

The software is available on OS X and iOS. As of now it is not available on Windows. In order to grab a copy of Omnifocus, you can do that here:

  • Omnifocus for Mac
  • Omnifocus for iPhone
  • Omnifocus for iPad

If you are planning to use this task manager, you might want to read our Omnifocus review first.

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Custom Theme

We also have made a custom Omnifocus theme that you can use on your Mac. This theme makes Omnifocus look a lot better and in our opinion uses the best color scheme possible. The video below will show you what it looks like and how you can install it yourself.

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